Spanish for Ninos incorporate storytelling when teaching children. It is a valuable strategy that is often incorporated by parents almost unconsciously. 

Spanish for Ninos incorporate storytelling into their teaching because of its many benefits. We also use fun puppets, stuff animals, fun props to make our story telling more appealing to the children.

1. Boasts creativity

Listening to a story instead of watching a video allows the child to use his or her imagination more fully. This creativity process encourages free thinking and the formation of innovative ideas.

2. Increases verbal skill

The flow of a story as the plot unfolds and the characters are developed also introduces children to new words and solidifies their pronunciation in English and Spanish.

3. Increases understanding of a subject

Storytelling can be used to bring tedious subjects to life such as a history lesson that stars a child of their age. This strategy enables the child to more easily identify with the subject and can deepen understanding.

4. Improves awareness of virtues

Many stories can be used to support the virtues that are important in society, your home and your child's school. Stories that develop character traits such as courage, wisdom, honesty, kindness and open mindedness can be used to set the stage for emulation.

5. Increases their attention span

The smaller the child, the less of an attention span they are likely to have. Even some older children continue to struggle with developing a suitable attention span that allows them to be successful. An engaging story draws in even the most fidgety child and encourages them to listen for the details as well as the highly anticipated ending.

At Spanish for Ninos, children find fulfillment in a variety of storytelling opportunities. Not only are children able to enjoy the art of having a story told to them, your child is also encouraged to create her or his own story to develop lifelong memories. 

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